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Loyality program

Tendance Fruit has a new Customer Loyalty Program. Our site now offers the possibility for you to earn loyalty points, called « Vitamins ».

How to earn Vitamins :

  • Every time your order on our site, you’ll earn « Vitamins ».
  • Every time you refer a friend by email from your account and they place a first order, you’ll also earn Vitamins.

Your Vitamins account: how it works

  • Every time you spend 1 CHF on the site, you earn 10 Vitamins. For example, if you make a 52 CHF purchase on, your account will automatically be credited with 470 Vitamins.
  • Referrals: 1000 Vitamins for you and 500 for the person you referred.
  • 1000 Vitamins give you a 5 CHF discount on your next purchase.


Check your Vitamins status:

To check your Vitamins status, connect under « My Account » and click on « Loyalty Program ».

Converting your Vitamins :

You can use your Vitamins any time. Simply add the products to your basket, and then click on « Use my Vitamins ». You’ll then get a discount on your next purchase.

Note :

Vitamins are only valid for website purchases. They cannot be transferred nor reimbursed.

They are valid during 180 days.