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Appetizers Mix

Discover our fresh mix of appetizers for a perfect cocktail party. Perfect for 10-15 people, we propose:

- 2 guacamoles of 200gr
- 2 tzatzikis of 200gr
- 2 hummus of 200gr
- 2 eggplant caviars of 200gr
- 2 pistachios of Iran Saffron-lemon 100gr
- 2 cashew nut Tandoori 100gr

Extra: 9 Lebanese breads (500gr)

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What we guarantee

  • The fruit of exceptional quality selected with the utmost rigor and delivered perfectly ripe
  • A Personal monitoring
  • Delivery in the shortest possible time from Monday to Friday
  • A direct and free service
  • Secure payment by credit card

Our fruits come directly from production and are grown by certified partners ISO Swissgap, Global Gap guarantee us the fruits harvested in the respect of human and nature.

Personalise your fruit arrangement:

Personalise your fruit arrangement

You can add a compliments card with a brief message to accompany your gift to all products in our range of fruit arrangements.

You also can add chocolate, wine or champagne.

Do let us know if you would like to personalise your arrangement in any particular way.